Stay with me

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On Jen...
Jeans- Superfine / Sweater & Belt - Vintage / Booties -JC

Red lips, hair and fingernails
I hear you're a mean old jezebel
Lets go upstairs
And read my tarot cards, come on

Stay with me, stay with me
For tonight you'd better stay with me, oh yeah
Stay with me, stay with me
For tonight you'd better stay with me
- Faces

It was one of those days....
Where you could hear the rain outside your door, so you go to your closet & grab your favorite sweater where you can enjoy this fantastic weather!
For me... it happens to be this vintage sweater I scored in San Fran
It's super soft and very loose where I can tuck my whole body in it if I wanted...
I was also very surprised to open a present before Christmas!!!
Which lead to these FANTASTIC booties by of course.....
Jeffrey Campbell!
I have not even seen these suckers and what can I say I'm a bit of a shopaholic....

Anyways Happy Wednesday!

xo J


Kristel Louisa said...

Hi there,

Love your orange sweater. Looks bold on you. And the boots! They are stunning.


Lainey said...

I love the brightness of that sweater. you look great!

Kitschmoog said...

never seen a girl so cute with awesome outfits on the blogs ! very nice choices of my favorite styles ! love your inspirations from vintage mood ans 70's cool years "come back" !

lydiajoy said...

I love your blog. Your posts (and outfits) are so inspirational when it comes to my own wardrobe. Keep up the good work!


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