Rock and Roll Weekend

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On Jen...
BodySuit - Tigerlily / Jeans - JBrand / Blazer - Vintage / Booties - JC

Money is burnin' a hole in your pocket
Friday night we'll blow the stars out of the socket, oh yeah
Skyrocket, skyrocket, babe
Ooh Lord, we're gonna rock it all night

It's gonna be a rock and roll weekend
Eight o'clock's when the show begins
Get on the phone, call up all your friends
Tell 'em it's gonna be a rock and roll weekend
- Sammy Hagar

So this weekend was packed with awesome concerts....
As you saw below, I went to see The Black Crowes on Saturday night and I winded down with another show put on by KROQ... it was there Almost Acoustic Christmas that they do every year. The line up for Sunday was Florence and the Machines, The Black Keyes, Brandon Flowers, Vampire Weekend and Phoenix!
I was dying to see The Black Keyes and they KILLED it!
Love love them.....

Now I'm loving leopard at the moment if you can't tell....
There is just something about it when done right, its edgy, rocker and sexy...
And very versatile, I keep amazing myself with all the possibilities you can do with it!

xo J


Jamie said...

I am loving leopard at the moment too. I can't get enough!! This is another amazing ensemble!!

sbot said...

Looks like you had alot of fun! Where was that concert at? That line up sounds crazy awesome.

Glad I came across your blog.

Check out mine if you have a chance : )

Nicola said...

Great photos, looks fun. I love your boots! x

Michael Beon said...

Happy to see that you had a great time

Unknown said...

Hi, where did you find your earrings?

Anonymous said...

What's your zodiac sign? I am super curious...

Jennifer Humphrey said...

Hi guys! Thanks for all the sweet comments! The concert was at The Gibson Theatre in Universal City..... and as for my zodiac sign I am a Scorpio ;)

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