Shot of Poison

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On Jen...
Sweater - H&M / Jumper (shorts) - Ghita / Nylons - AA / Boots - Barney's Purchase

Got a love for destruction
Got a feel for danger
Hey Mr. Moonlight won't you follow me down
I need some company
Every guy tells me you're no good
That's all right with me

Give me one shot of poison
A little twist is all I need
One drop of your poison
Sets me free
Come on baby, poison me
- Lita Ford

This was a night full of amazing wine and food!
My eyes lit up when my plate was served....
squid ink pasta with crab and topped off with uni!
Then desserts came and I can't even tell you what was in which,
I just knew they all tasted like heaven!
Now to more important things!!!
My Boots!! Now you must know that my all time favorite twice yearly sale is the Barney's warehouse sale! I wait for this event to bust out that Barney's card and splurge on boots and shoes! And let me tell you... I rarely leave un satisfied!
So these were one of my purchases that I scored!
As for my Ghita jumper it was way to cold to wear this strapless alone so I thought I would focus on the tiered bottom and put a sweater on top then belt it!
Definitely google Ghita and check out her amazingness!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

xo J


Kitschmoog said...

The most "Bootiful" and Beautiful FASHIONOENOLOGIST of the world :))

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