Jealous Again?

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On Jen...
Top - UO / Cardigan & Socks - H&M / Skirt & Belt - Vintage / Boots - Marc Jacobs

Cheat the odds that made you
Brave to try to gamble at times
Well I feel like dirty laundry
Sending sickness on down the line
Tell you why

'Cause I'm jealous, jealous again
Thought in time I let you in
Yeah, I'm jealous, jealous again
Got no time, baby
- Black Crowes

First off I LOVE The Black Crowes!
To me they are the epitome of 90's rock music... which I dig
So when I found out they were playing in Hollywood at the Palladium I was very excited.
When it came time for me to figure out what I was going to wear I knew I wanted to wear black but with a little something.
So as I went through my closet I came across this little leopard dress and that was my starting point! From there I layered on the pieces of black that I wanted...
like my skirt, cardigan and socks!
What do you think?

xo J


vio said...


Jamie said...

I think that outfit is pretty bad ass!! You not only look SO HOT, but it looks like you guys had so much fun!

Unknown said...

your friends jacket is really cute, do you know where she got it?

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