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Dress - American Gold / Boots - JC

I took my love and I took it down 
I climbed a mountain and I turned around 
And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills 
'Till the landslide brought me down 
Oh, mirror in the sky 
What is love? 
Can the child within my heart rise above? 
Can I sail thru the changing ocean tides? 
Can I handle the seasons of my life? 
Mmm Mmm...
Well, I've been afraid of changing 
'Cause I've built my life around you 
But time makes you bolder 
Children get older 
I'm getting older too 
- Fleetwood Mac

There are no words for this dress...
 and how much I love it!
Head to toe in lace, how could it get any better?
We spent part of this past weekend in the desert,
 bathing in the sun drinking fruity drinks
and swimming in the pool.
Needless to say I did not want to leave!
While we were there we found this little road with the white picket fence 
that really helped showcase the beauty of this American Gold dress.
Pairing it with my black boots gave my look a tougher effortless look.


Last Dance With Mary Jane

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Top - c/o Evil Twin / Skirt - Unif / Shoes - c/o Miista / Hat - Vintage

She grew up in an Indiana town
Had a good-lookin' mama who never was around
But she grew up tall and she grew up right
With them Indiana boys on them Indiana nights

Well, she moved down here at the age of eighteen
She blew the boys away, was more than they'd seen
I was introduced and we both started groovin'
I said, "I dig you baby, but I got to keep movin' on"
Keep movin' on

Last dance with Mary Jane
One more time to kill the pain
I feel summer creepin' in
And I'm tired of this town again

- Tom Petty

We all know how high lows have been quite the trend lately...
I have been shying away from them until, 
I saw Unif's edgier take on the trend!
With the a symmetrical front and sharp angles it makes this skirt more special.
I love the flower print on the black as well, it makes it not to girly.
I decided to pair it with a crop knit tank with a bit of fringe then wearing my Miista clogs to finish the look!


Rock Lobster

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Top - Brandy Melville / Pants - c/o Motel / Heels - JS / Sunnies - c/o Sabre / Pinky Ring - c/o Neha

(Ski-doo-be-dop) We were at a party (Eww)
(Ski-doo-be-dop) His ear lobe fell in the deep (Eww)
(Ski-doo-be-dop) Someone reached in and grabbed it (Eww)
(Ski-doo-be-dop) Was a rock lobster (Eww)

Rock lobster
Rock lobster

We were at the beach (Eww)
Everybody had matching towels (Eww)
Somebody went under a dock (Eww)
And there they saw a rock (Eww)
It wasn't a rock (Eww)
Was a rock lobster (Eww)
- The B-52's

I was so excited to open my package from Motel and see these ridiculously cute jeans!
The print is so cute and reminds me of The Beverly Hills Hotel.
There are so many ways to wear these jeans...
You can be low key and casual by wearing a band tee and some old school lo pro Vans or
 play the pants up as I did by wearing a crop top and some mega platforms.
The cat eye sunnies by Sabre complete this retro look for me!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Free Bird

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Dress - Arnhem / Hat - UO / Boots - LF / Necklace - Brandy Melville

If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me?
For I must be traveling on, now
'Cause there's too many places
I've got to see

But, if I stayed here with you, girl
Things just couldn't be the same
'Cause I'm as free as a bird now
And this bird, you'll can not change
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

- Lynyrd Skynyrd

I love it when my bf and I are driving by and find the most perfect location for us to shoot at..
This past weekend we were driving around Santa Cruz and saw this old fence
and I new it would be perfect for this outfit...
As we already know Australian designers are killing it,
So it was no surprise to me that when I was looking at Arnhem's look book I was a fan!
Such fun loving vintage inspired fabrics and silhouettes.
I channeled my inner Penny Lane as soon I stepped into this dress.



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Sweater & Bra - Forrest & Bob / Pants - Chick with Guns / Tank - LF / Boots - Dolce Vita
Purse - Alexander Wang / Belt - Vintage / Necklace - Vanessa Mooney

Sheets of empty canvas, untouched sheets of clay
Were laid spread out before me as her body once did.
All five horizons revolved around her soul as the earth to the sun
Now the air I tasted and breathed has taken a turn

Ooh, and all I taught her was everything
Ooh, I know she gave me all that she wore

And now my bitter hands chafe beneath the clouds of what was everything.
Oh, the pictures have all been washed in black, tattooed everything...

- Pearl Jam

Please meet my new friend Mr. Wang....
I have been eyeing this purse for awhile but was unable to find it in black.
Until one day when I was waiting for my girlfriend to use the restroom I thought I would just walk by Barney's Co op...
 AND to my surprise this baby was right there waiting for me!
I am not one that is big into purses which you can probably tell from my posts
since I'm usually not carying one.
 BUT now I am happy as a clam and will be toting this one around town...
As for the rest of my outfit...
I loved how rockstar these pants are and keeping the color palette simple really lets them speak for themselves...