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Top - Again / Shorts - Leyendecker / Booties - Sam Edelman / Necklace - AK Vintage
Rings - Lillian Crowe / Sunnies - Dita

People say that your dreams
are the only things that save ya.
Come on baby in our dreams,
we can live our misbehavior.

Every time you close your eyes
Lies, Lies!

Every time you close your eyes
Lies, Lies!

Every time you close your eyes
Lies, Lies!

- Arcade Fire

Can you tell that I'm getting ready for a little festival called....
These short shorts from Leyendecker are perrrrrfect for this occasion!
You can literally pair them with anything you like.
I opted to pair them with this suede crop top from one of my favorite Los Angeles lines
The shape of this top is what I love... it's fun and flirty!
And we can we take a minute and drool over my rings??!!
Definitely be on the look out for Lillian Crowe!
Happy Wednesday!


I Think I'm Paranoid

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Clothes - Rebel Yell mixed with Vintage

You can look, but you can't touch
I don't think I like you much
Heaven knows what a girl can do
Heaven knows what you've got to prove

I think I'm paranoid
And complicated
I think I'm paranoid
Manipulate it

Bend me, break me
Anyway you need me
All I want is you
Bend me, break me
Breaking down is easy
All I want is you 
- Garbage

I am finally able to share with you a look book for Rebel Yell
 that I shot a while back...!
I was so excited with the 70's vibe they were going with for the shoot
and I was dying over the styling!
I love how they mixed in all these beautiful vintage pieces in with the t shirts.
Shot by the amazing Eric Ian we all had a great shoot in Malibu despite the rain and ended up at one of my fav spots Neptunes Net for lunch...!



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Tee - Vintage / Jeans - c/o BCBG Generation / Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell x LF
Sunnies - Sabre / Bracelets & Rings - Brandy Melville

Marry me girl be the fairy to my world
Be my very won constellation
A teenage bride with a baby inside
Getting high on information
And buy me a star on the boulevard
It?s Californication

Space may be the final frontier
But it?s made in a Hollywood basement
And Cobain can you hear the spheres
Singing songs off station to station
And Alderon?s not far away
It?s Californication
- Red Hot Chillipeppers

I can not get enough of them...
The light and airiness of the color is just so spot on for spring!
Pairing it with my cropped vintage California tee and my sky high platforms,
keeps my look fresh, fun and flirty!
I'm most definitely ready for a road trip in my outfit!

Oh and if you are an LA native come shop some of your favorite bloggers closets this Sunday!
All info below....



Little Talks

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Sweater - Love / Dress - Free People / Boots - JC / Jewelry - All Brandy Melville

I don't like walking around this old and empty house.
So hold my hand, I'll walk with you my dear

The stairs creak as I sleep,
it's keeping me awake
It's the house telling you to close your eyes

Some days I can't even dress myself.
It's killing me to see you this way.

'Cause though the truth may vary
this ship will carry our bodies safe to shore.

Hey! Hey! Hey!
- Of Monsters & Men

So even though I was shooting all day
in the desert for Brandy Melville, I had time to slip away and shoot a little something in my outfit.
The scenery was just way to amazing to pass up!
And even though I just got back... I'm ready to go back and not just for Coachella!
I'm looking forward to less rain this week....


Howlin' For You Part 2

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All (Girl) Clothing - Threadsence

Can't you see
Little girl's
Got a hold on me

Like glue
Baby I'm howlin' for you

Throw the ball
To the stick
Swing and miss and a

Catcher's mitt
Strike two
Baby I'm howlin' for you
- The Black Keys

 I know a couple other bloggers have posted these pics from Threadsence's 
latest look book BUT...
since I was in the shoot I though I should share my favorite photos with you!
We had such great day and were able to see places I never knew existed,
which was pretty cool.
I had fun doing the shots with my bf where we running up and down the dirt path...
And the last shots in the truck are so much more then I expected.
When your in the shot sometimes you cant's see whats going on AND
even though I was freezing I think it most definitely worth the shot!
Hope you like!



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Dress - Blessed are the Meek / Shoes - Converse / Bracelets - Vanessa Mooney & Brandy Melville
Cocktail Ring - Samantha Wills

There's a brand new dance
but I don't know its name
That people from bad homes
do again and again
It's big and it's bland
full of tension and fear
They do it over there but we don't do it here

Fashion! Turn to the left
Fashion! Turn to the right
Oooh, fashion!
We are the goon squad
and we're coming to town
- David Bowie

So Monday night as you know was the First LA Fall Fashion show put on by Directives West!
AND I was lucky enough to wear a piece from the Australian line
Blessed are the Meek which was one of my favorites of the show!
I love the leather accents on this body con dress and even though it was right up my alley I just had to add another personal touch so I opted to pair this hot number with my converse.
I mean why not?!


Howlin' For You

All Clothes - Threadsence

I must admit
I can't explain
Any of these thoughts racing
Through my brain

It's true
Baby I'm howlin' for you

There's something wrong
With this plot
The actors here
Have not got

A clue
Baby I'm howlin' for you
- The Black Keys

I'm so excited to debut the Threadsence lookbook today!
It was such a blast shooting in the desert especially since I had my bf with me
and doesn't he look like a natural in front of the camera....!
Hope you enjoy, I can't wait for summer and all the summertime activities!



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Sweater - Lamb and Flag / Skirt - LF Stores / Hat - Vintage / Boots - Alexander Wang
Purse - Cambridge Satchel Company / Necklace - Vanessa Mooney

So sentimental, not sentimental no
Romantic not disgusting yet
Darling, I'm down and lonely when with the fortunate only
I've been looking for something else
Do let, do let, do let, jugulate, do let, do let, do

Let's go slowly discouraged
Distant from other interests on your favorite weekend ending
This love's for gentlemen only that's with the fortunate only
No, I gotta be someone else
These days it comes, it comes, it comes, it comes, it comes and goes

Think less but see it grow like a riot, like a riot, oh
I'm not easily offended
It's not hard to let it go from a mess to the masses
- Pheonix

With the weather this past weekend I was so excited to throw on this cute pleated mini skirt....
What I love about this skirt is that the polka dot print is not overly done which makes this print more of a staple print!
My orange cropped sweater plays down the girlyness just enough and finishing the look I chose to throw on my floppy hat and booties!
Happy Friday!


Agogo x Directives West


I'm so excited to have been chosen to be one the ambassadors of this seasons event, where I will be tweeting the night of the show and sharing all the goodness I get to see.
Now for the exciting news....
Who want's to win 2 tickets to watch First.LA's fall runway show with me and a couple other bloggers??!
That's right... You can win too!!!
The show is this coming Monday the 12th starting at 6:30pm.
Just a couple of the lines that will be showing are,
Joes Jeans & Marna Ro but I can not tell you anymore...
So come see for yourself!

All you have to do to enter is the following....
(Must be an LA resident.. Sorry)

- Comment on why you would like to attend the show
- "Like" Directives West facebook page here

Thats all folks and the winners will be picked on Friday the 9th at 5pm!
So get on it!


Smell Like Teen Spirit

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Flannel - LF / Dress - Zoe tees / Boots - JC

Photographed by: Michelle Paulsen

I'm worse at what I do best
And for this gift I feel blessed
Our little group has always been
And always will until the end

Hello, hello, hello, how low?
Hello, hello, hello, how low?
Hello, hello, hello, how low?
Hello, hello, hello

With the lights out, it's less dangerous
Here we are now, entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious
Here we are now, entertain us

A mulatto, an albino
A mosquito, my libido
Yeah, hey, yay
- Nirvana

What can I say...?
I am a complete sucker for not only 90's music BUT also...
90's fashion.
Yet pairing it with a body con cut out dress and glitter boots does give it a modern twist!


Just a Girl


Top and Skirt - Fairground / Booties - Steve Madden

Take this pink ribbon off my eyes
I'm exposed
And it's no big surprise
Don't you think I know
Exactly where I stand
This world is forcing me
To hold your hand
'Cause I'm just a girl, little 'ol me
Don't let me out of your sight
I'm just a girl, all pretty and petite
So don't let me have any rights

Oh...I've had it up to here!
The moment that I step outside
So many reasons
For me to run and hide
I can't do the little things I hold so dear
'Cause it's all those little things
That I fear 
- No Doubt

I am soooo into matching separates right now.
They look fun and fresh and to me perfect for summer!
The silhouettes of these pieces are also what makes this outfit work, 
having them both fitted keeps the look young and not so stiff.
Hope everyone had a great weekend, the weather was insane!
I'm so ready for summer!!


Sex and Candy

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Coat - Zara / Jeans - Pac Sun (similar here) / Blouse - H&M / Boots - Robert Clergerie

Hangin' round downtown by myself
And I had so much time
To sit and think
about myself
And then there she was
Like double cherry pie
Yeah there she was
Like disco superfly
I smell sex and
candy here
Who's that lounging
in my chair
Who's that casting
devious stares
In my direction
Mama this surely
is a dream
- Marcy Playground

As we have been seeing leopard pants are all the rage!
What I love about them is that they are soooo versatile...
You can dress them down with a casual shoe or add a statement boot.
Either way the pants look killer!
I like the way the outfit looks the most when the jacket is buttoned up 
and just a bit of the leopard shows.
It makes the outfit look effortless and very rock n roll!