The Red

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On Jen...
Jacket - UO / Sweater - LF / Shorts - DIY / Tights & Socks - Target
Shoes - Sam Edelman / Purse - Tammi Lyn

They say 'Freak'
When your singled out
The red
Well, it filters through

So lay down
The threat is real
When his sight
Goes red again

Seeing red again
Seeing red again
- Chevelle

We had a down pour this past weekend which caused the next couple days to be overcast
with a slight drizzle on and off...
So I pulled the only coat in my closet that has a hood and warm enough for this weather.
Which led me this red number!
My favorite part of this coat besides the vibrant color is....
the faux fur lined hood.
The thing I love about coats like these is that they are almost an outfit itself...
Then when you unzip it you can display a whole other outfit!
Now I added the knee socks over my tights because I wanted to add some flavor to one of my staple tights with short looks.
Especially since I kept the color palette pretty basic (besides the coat)
I just bought this black sweater which has instantly become my go to sweater at my local LF store. They seriously have great pieces I could stay hours in there.....
Well I may have....

xo J


Brandon said...

WOW! Your blog is really cool. Glad I came across it! :)

check out mine? I'm a photographer

you should follow it too. :) thanks!

stephanie said...

ugh i need to get to LF!

Taylor said...

That coat is great!

Cara said...

Loving those jean shorts!
xo Cara

Unknown said...

Great style , love totaly , so perfect combination ! Love the jacket, shorts and over the knee socks !

Kitschmoog said...

Such a pretty style , I adore ! But i think I love all your outfits now... Great tastes:))

karyn said...

Hey Jen!

First off I just want to say I love your blog, I've been following it for a couple months now and I always look forward to seeing your new posts! Your fashion is so fun and flirty, it's amazing.

Two, OMG I had no idea you were a Chica Bomb girl! So hot. Nice work.

Anyways, love your style.

Unknown said...

just found your blog, i love it! i'm following you now! that coat from urban is great - we need those bright colors on dreary march days!

brittney from

N said...

Jacket and Knee high socks Combo done perfectly.

- N

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