Girl from Yesterday

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On Jen...
Jacket - Nasty Gal / Cami - LF / Jeans - Anlo / Shoes - JC
Earings - H&M

Photos By: Delabarracuda

He took a plane across the sea
To some foreign land
She stayed at home and tried to understand
How someone who had been so close could be so far away
And she became the girl from yesterday

She doesn't know whats right
She doesn't know what's wrong
She only knows the pain that comes from waiting for so long
And she doesn't count the teardrops That she's cried while he's away
Because she knows deep in her heart
That he'll be back someday

I am loving that the 70's style are coming back at full force!
The flared jeans and bell bottom pants are on my mind and I am wanting to get my hands on some printed versions!
The flower print cami is so effortless and flower child like especially with braids in my hair...
The shearling jacket pulls the look together =)

xo J


Briana Lurye said...

i love LF and JC shoes!

follow & interview?

Song of Style said...

boo boo, u and i are jacket twins in today's post!
i miss u <3

Unknown said...

Love your combo !

Emily said...

The photos are beyond cool. And it's a lovely outfit! I really want some jeans like that.


samecookiesdifferent said...

youre so cute ! love the jeans
xx the cookies
share the feeling <3 visit :)

Jennifer Humphrey said...

Aww! Thx everyone! Aimee come back! xo

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