Hello, Goodbye

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On Jen...
Jacket & Skirt - Vintage / T-Shirt - Junkfood / Socks - F21 / Shoes - JS

You say yes, I say no
You say stop and I say go, go ,go
Oh, no
You say goodbye and I say hello
Hello, hello
I don't know why you say goodbye
I say hello
Hello, hello
I don't know why you say goodbye
I say hello
- Beatles

You know when you are just CRAVING a type of food....?
Well this happened last night, and the calling was Thai food.
So where else to fix that craving then to hit up Thai Town for some Thai food...?!
So we went and fixed our cravings with papaya salad, tofu curry and Tom Yum soup.
Now as for my outfit! I know I haven't really bust out many of my leather skirts...
But let me tell you, I have quite the collection of them ranging from purple, electric blue to grey and more! What can I say... I love them!
I like that I can dress them down with a band shirt and add tights and a large shag jacket!
It's an unexpected combo but I find it works!
Happy Friday and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

xo J


Kitschmoog said...

Best of the best of Vintage inspiration !
Another great combo, nice skirt and pretty collector outfits...
the 70's mood is made for you pretty Miss !

Stacey Kay said...

Great coat!

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland

Unknown said...

não poderia ser menos vintage

Gin Kelly said...

Great blog!!!! You are gorgeous girl!!! love this outfit so much

Rob_Blah_blog said...

Hai hai! Nice work on the shoot this week Jen! Nice to meet you!


Unknown said...

loving this look! great shooes! your blog is ace :)


Liberty-vintage said...

Wow! I love your shoes !
I hope you to visit my blog.
Kisses xxxx

Margaret said...

woah, you look stunning! your outfit is unreal ! <3

Shope and Shore said...

You look stunning! I love the wine coloured socks, and your fur coat looks amazing! New follower! :)


Joni said...

LOVE your style. awesome.

come visit, id love your feedback.

Jane said...

I love your effortless sense of style! Great!

Jennifer Humphrey said...

Thank you all for the sweet comments! You all truly fuel me =)

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