Black Betty

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On Jen...
Jacket & Leather Shorts - Vintage / Sweater - LF / Boots - JC

whoa, black betty
whoa, black betty
Black betty had a child
The damn thing gone wild
She said "I'm worrin' outta my mind"
The damn thing gone blind
I said oh black betty
whoa black betty

whoa, black betty
whoa, black betty
She really gets me high
You know that's no lie
She's so rock steady
She's always rock steady
-Ram Jam

This was a pretty spur of the moment night out...
After scoring some great pieces from the LF sale we wanted to put them to good use.
So we went to the Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Blvd,
where we started at the Pool having drinks which then turned into ghost hunting...
It has been said that there are sightings and what not so we cruised the floors and bars and
of course we did not see anything...
BUT, if you look closely at some of these photos you can see dots or orbs whatever you want to call them. So maybe these were the ghost that we could not see??

I'm currently obsessed with my new red Jeffrey Campbell Woodies and plan on wearing them every day this week!
I felt I was channeling a bit of Liv Tyler in Empire Records in this outfit when she was wearing the cropped sweater.
I've always wanted a sweater like that and I found it! =)

xo J




Taylor said...

I love your new shoes!

Jennifer Humphrey said...

Aww! Megan, I miss you! We need a play date soon... And Taylor thank you!

CHLOE and JESSICA said...

you have such a good look!! love the first picture! you look so good with bangs makes me miss mine!

My Thirsty Lips said...

wow...I love this a lot. Inspiration for this weekend

Sarah said...

cute outfit! love the JC's xx

Danni said...

Girl, you're really cute. I love your blog and your style.
I found it today and honestly had several days without reading an entire blog in one day.

htp: / /

Valentina A. said...

you are amazing!!!!!! LOVE YOUR STYLE!!

Marella said...

Amazing style dear, you look gorgeous! <3

Kitschmoog said...

JC boots and the shorts are awesome ! you are so cute with your friend !

Joni said...

You're such a stud!

love these photos!

Unknown said...

oh wow need those shoes!!! xx

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