All the Young Dudes

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On Jen...
Top & Mary Janes - F21 / Shorts - UO / Socks - H&M

And my brother's back home
With his Beatles and his Stones
We never got it off on that revolution stuff
What a drag, too many snags

Well, I drunk a lot of wine and I'm feeling fine
Gonna race some cat to bed
Is this concrete all around, or is it in my head?
Oh, brother you guessed, I'm a dude

All the young dudes
Carry the news
Boogaloo dudes
Carry the news
- David Bowie

I was so excited when I heard that Aimee from Song of Style was going to be in my neck of the woods!
We met up for a drink at a cool laid back joint where the jukebox was playing and all the young dudes were either playing pool or hitting up the beer pong tables...
To say the least it was quite entertaining for some people watching!
I was and am still going gaga for Aimee's booties and her BEAUTIFUL YSL ring...
I'm praying that her booties will be at the Barney's NY Warehouse sale that should be happening sometime next month and as for the ring....
hmmm I may just have to splurge and get my self a little gift! =)
Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

xo J


KristiMcMurry said...

ooo those booties are SO PRETTY. Hope you find them for yourself...wish I had them too!

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

her booties are so gorgeous.. the 2 of you might just be 2 of the most gorgeous style bloggers from cali. & those nachos.. nom! so yummy! x

Kitschmoog said...

pretty, adorable , awesome ! as always !
Love your different combo, nice look !great tastes !

dejoiss said...

Your eyes is red?! Haha, nice pics. :)

Anonymous said...

aimee has killer legs!

Unknown said...

You are gorgeous. I hate that i missed those f21 heels.

Jaqueline Vieira said...

Your photos are the best,
I'm from Brazil and I love your blog!

Song of Style said...

aww love, i miss u so much!!! <3

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