Too Fast For Love

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On Jen...
Top - City of Dolls / Shorts - AA / Heels - Top Shop
Jacket - LF / Belt - Vintage

When you're young and crazy
Life goes on
When you're young and crazy
Life goes on

You're too fast for love
You're too fast for love
- Motley Crue

Even though there are loads and loads of trendy hip clubs/lounges in LA
I prefer a dingy dive bar!
So me and some friends planned a little bar crawl on the sunset strip
Dinner was started at one of my all time favorite restaurants....
The Rainbow Room!
Literally it has the most yummy pizza, if you have not been then make sure you try it.
That is.... if you love dim place that play rock and roll!
I scored these heels when I was living in Thailand, goodness I got great finds there!
They are from Top Shop! =)

Happy Hump Day! I'm headed to SF to shoot for Nasty Gal! YAYYYY!

xo J


ching said...

i love that shade of blue on your shoes. :D

Kelly Lauren said...

love those blue shoes! great pop of color.

Creme De La Kravitz said...

Oh cool. Congrats on Nasty Gal shoot


love the socks and the color of the shoe mixed.

Kara said...

what color lipstick are you wearing!? so fun! thx!

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