Stylin' Street Garb

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Who: Morgan ( Style Director)
What: High Waisted Flairs by 18th ammendment & Over sized Clutch
Where: Found on Fashionising

First off, I am going gaga over her WHOLE outfit!
I'm it is oozing 70's cool...
The over sized clutch is a must have for fall and I love the color of this one.
The hat and Chloe sunnies give this overall pretty simple look a bit of edge and
I'm loooooving it!
Two Thumbs Up!

NOW!!!! I have some special news that I am so excited to share with you all...
I have been chosen as one of the bloggers to be apart of,
Today the site is now live so please check it out and once a week the other LG bloggers and I will be writing about certain topics regarding fashion!
It's going to be a blast! =)

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

xo J


Anonymous said...

Hi there! I happen to know this one: :)

It's Morgan, The Style Director on Day 1 of NY Fashion Week

She's wearing:
Victorialand blouse
Chloe sunglasses
Marc by Marc Jacobs - skinny brown belt
Vintage clutch - her mom's!
Mason Martin Margiela hat
18th amendment jeans

Have a wonderful day!

Virginia, Celiha, Claudia said...

Wow, very pretty (:
we love the outfit!

Are you in model management? ^^
Xoxo, we come back (:

Jennifer Humphrey said...

Great! Thx for the heads up Anonymous...
Virginia, Celiha and Claudia thank you very much and no I'm not in model management but I am a model =)

Contempo Ingenue said...

cuteeeee love the wash of those jeans!! and that clutch is pretty sick too!



chellemorgan said...

The LG Voice of Fashion sounds like so much fun, congrats! And I love Morgan's outfit, so very laid-back chic. The hat and wide leg jeans are perfection.

Xo Chelle

Liana said...

wow what a great honor, congratulations! i will definitely be checking out your site...and her outfit looks amazing too!


i like it a lot! <3

Neekoh said...

Congrats, girl!! You're seriously going places :)
And this look has been all over the internet fashion circuit. For good reason! I'm lusting over it myself ;)


xoladiihoneyxo said...

love it! two thumbs up for the whole outfit =]

Amandamarie said...

i like how her flares are a lighter color. i've been seeing a lot of dark flare jeans and this is a refreshing color to see someone wearing!


Stephanie said...

She was also on the Satorialist in this gorgeous outfit, it was such a hit! Congrants on the LG Voice of Fashion!

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