Leaving Las Vegas

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On Jen...
White Dress & Jacket - Vintage / Heels - Top Shop
Pink Slip - Gold Hawk

Life springs eternal
On a gaudy neon street
Not that I care at all
I spent the best part of my losing streak
In an Army jeep
For what I can't recall
Oh I'm banging my TV set
And I check the odds
And I place my bet
I pour a drink And I pull the blind
And I wonder what I'll find

I'm leaving Las Vegas
Lights so bright
Palm sweat blackjack
On a Saturday night
Leaving Las Vegas
Leaving for good, for good
I'm leaving for good
- Sheryl Crow

This was our last night in Vegas!
I love the last shots with all the lights that truly represent Vegas!
Now I apologize for the lack of post,
I definitely have the material I have just been a little crazy!
But no worries because I am back now!

xo J


Kitschmoog said...

Beautiful pics , love the vintage style and a little inspiration looks like " Overlook Hotel long corridor lane " in The S. Kubrick film "The Shining".
Jen, I think you are one of the most beautiful girls of fashion Bloggers.

Jennifer Humphrey said...

Awwww! Thank you so much! That is very sweet of you to say! xo

Kitschmoog said...

It is so right ! really !

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