Into the Great Wide Open

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On Jen...
Pants - Dittos / Top & Jacket - Vintage / Booties - JC

Eddie waited 'til he finished high school
He went to Hollywood. got a tattoo
He met a girl out there with a tattoo too
The future was wide open

They moved into a place they both cold afford
He found a night club her could work at the door
She had guitar and she taught him some chords
The sky was the limit

Into the great wide open
Under them skies of blue
Out in the great wide open
A rebel without a clue
-Tom Petty

So we packed our bags saying good bye to Palm Springs
and made a last minute decision to head back to LA for the night and ring in the New Year!
But of course on our way back we needed to make a pit stop....
So we found this cowboy country store! Had a couple photo ops then hit the road again.
For NYE we ended up at the Soho House in LA like I mentioned last post...
So the bottom photo is the only picture I have from New Years =(
Can I tell you the moment I saw these pants 5 years ago I was in LOOOVE!
So the creator of Frankie B, Daniella Clarke started the famous 70's brand Dittos!
Though I'm not sure what has come of the brand at this time? I don't believe there has been a new collection since 2008? Besides that I love mine and am very happy to own a pair.
I love that they give any top I pair it with a groovy 70's feel!

xo J


Jeans Please! said...

U broke off from sixties years so I love it! <3

Kitschmoog said...

always cool and great !

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