Na Na NASTY...

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Nasty, nasty boys, don't mean a thing
Oh you nasty boys
Nasty, nasty boys, don't ever change
Oh you nasty boys
- Janet Jackson

Above are some photos I shot for Nasty Gal last week...
I always look forward to working with the Nasty Gal team, they are so much fun and I feel like I am playing dress up with every outfit they put me in.
I literally am wanting EVERYTHING I was in!
The bottom 2 pics are so rock in roll, I could see myself wearing this outfit to a dive bar with a live band playing... where the other outfit is soft and pretty.
I am dying for this dress! Its GORGEOUS.... the back is sheer all the way to your bum.
It reminds me of the "naked" dress the Carrie wore in Sex in the City on her first date with Big.
Minus the skin tight factor!



Liana said...

i love these photos you look amazing and the clothes and shoes are awesome! that last outfit is totally edgy and rocker and perfect for a night of karaoke and drinks!
oh and i loved that episode of sex and the city, definitely one of the best :)

leonie said...

great photos darl! you have to rock those grey suede wedges soon!


Unknown said...

love em! did you pick out the looks or did they style you? you and jules make me wanna cut my bangs!


Ria said...

You look amazing!

sib said...

wow you look gorgeous and love your shoes!

xoxo claudia

Rosa creativa said...

I love all the shoes!!!!!

Patent Lawyers Melbourne said...

the wood heels are really adorable i wanna them

Migration Agents Melbourne said...

the outfits are so pretty love both of them

Chelle said...

Oh wow, you look gorgeous! Love the sheer dress and gray headband!

Xo Chelle

Daniel said...

These fotos are amazing! And where are the clothes from? Kinda reminds me of H&M. They're actually running a contest right now in LA where I can vote and win gift cards for everyone in my class! Pretty amazing.

Keep posting fotos...they always inspire my looks!


Arianne Amante said...

love love love!! so stunning! :)

Jennifer Humphrey said...

AWWW you guys!! Thank you! I had an amazing time shooting with Nasty Gal and love how the photos came out!

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