Howlin' For You

All Clothes - Threadsence

I must admit
I can't explain
Any of these thoughts racing
Through my brain

It's true
Baby I'm howlin' for you

There's something wrong
With this plot
The actors here
Have not got

A clue
Baby I'm howlin' for you
- The Black Keys

I'm so excited to debut the Threadsence lookbook today!
It was such a blast shooting in the desert especially since I had my bf with me
and doesn't he look like a natural in front of the camera....!
Hope you enjoy, I can't wait for summer and all the summertime activities!



Tinacious Me said...

great video!
xo, Tina

Ola Ci said...

i've been always loving threadsence's lookbooks but this time they killed it!! great performance by you & your bf as well =)

xo Ola

Míriam said...

I love this video and the song too!!!

Winter said...

As much as I love your style, I'm even more excited about all the new music I discover on here! Maybe you could do some kind of music post sometime?

HannahVictoriaa said...

THIS IS SO EFFING COOL! I'm about to shout at my boyfriend "THIS IS SO EFFING COOL" and make him watch it too. The clothes are so perfect-damn this sunless England for not letting outfits like that be possible every single day.

SAMANTHA said...

obsessed with this video I saw it on oracle fox yesterday... you guys are naturals!

Dylana Suarez said...



Mandy said...

You, my dear, are the natural. That looks like so much fun!!! You looked amazing. Awesome video :D


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