Agogo x Directives West


I'm so excited to have been chosen to be one the ambassadors of this seasons event, where I will be tweeting the night of the show and sharing all the goodness I get to see.
Now for the exciting news....
Who want's to win 2 tickets to watch First.LA's fall runway show with me and a couple other bloggers??!
That's right... You can win too!!!
The show is this coming Monday the 12th starting at 6:30pm.
Just a couple of the lines that will be showing are,
Joes Jeans & Marna Ro but I can not tell you anymore...
So come see for yourself!

All you have to do to enter is the following....
(Must be an LA resident.. Sorry)

- Comment on why you would like to attend the show
- "Like" Directives West facebook page here

Thats all folks and the winners will be picked on Friday the 9th at 5pm!
So get on it!



Tonya said...

Liked on facebook with my Moptop page and My name, Tonya Smith :)
I would love to go on this trip, it would be such a great experience. I have never been to a runway show, especially since I live in Washington state...they aren't easy to access.
This seriously would be so awesome, I will be keeping my fingers crossed!

The Sound of Lace said...

i would love to be able to go the the first.LA fashion show to be a part of a new era of fashion shows in LA. the world needs to start seeing a different side of "the OC" and LA. Weve got style and were here to be heard (and seen)!

heather at

Forever Fashionably Late said...

Well, this would definitely be an awesome show to see as my first runway show and I'm really interested to get a glimpse of the new Marna Ro collection! It sounds amazing!!

Also, I live close by & checked my schedule and Monday I'm completely free : )

Forever Fashionably Late
(Liked their fb page with victoria zengo)

b260613 said...

I'd like to. I actually would love to. It would be a first amazing occasion to attend to a real fashion show.. and when I say REAL, I mean that no screen will stay between the catwalk and my spellbound eyes. It would be my breath of fresh air in a world that sometimes seems so far away..
xx ale

b260613 said...

and of course I liked the page (from my real profile, I have no profile for my blog) :P
xx ale from the up comment :)

Kristen Lam said...

Wish I lived in LA! NYC ain't too bad ;) Have fun!


Berenice said...

I live in LA!!! I would love to go to the First Fall Fashion Show. Honestly Ive never been to a runway show and I would love to be able to experience all that. Ive been into personal style and fashion since forever... so I think I would enjoy something like this! =)

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