Howlin' For You Part 2

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All (Girl) Clothing - Threadsence

Can't you see
Little girl's
Got a hold on me

Like glue
Baby I'm howlin' for you

Throw the ball
To the stick
Swing and miss and a

Catcher's mitt
Strike two
Baby I'm howlin' for you
- The Black Keys

 I know a couple other bloggers have posted these pics from Threadsence's 
latest look book BUT...
since I was in the shoot I though I should share my favorite photos with you!
We had such great day and were able to see places I never knew existed,
which was pretty cool.
I had fun doing the shots with my bf where we running up and down the dirt path...
And the last shots in the truck are so much more then I expected.
When your in the shot sometimes you cant's see whats going on AND
even though I was freezing I think it most definitely worth the shot!
Hope you like!



Tinacious Me said...

stunning pictures! how exciting to pose for Threadsence!

xo, Tina

Eda G said...

you are so beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

The photos are so beautiful! Great post!

Jenna Hughes said...

i just obsessed over the website yesterday! i was thinking to myself this girl looks so familiar! congrats! these photos are amazing

Jovana said...

SO gooood photos! and that boy looks amazing :)

alisialynn said...

i am a new follower and i love your blog. i love that every post is a song title--as a music lover, this, along with your gorgeous pics inspires me.

xx, alisia e

Anonymous said...

the face you have ;) . ;d

Mai Monpipit said...

OMG you're such a pretty girl!
and i love the pictures :D totally naturell and that stuff
woow :)

vigilant lense said...

great pics!!!

Vana Tavares said...

So Pretty

Piper Arielle said...

Great shoot!!! AND I want that bed spread!!!

Carolyn said...

the vibe is so chill, love it. you are the perfect model for it!

HANANAA said...

amazing pictures! seriously, wow! beyond inspiring :)


The Marcy Stop said...

I mean, yeah. Pretty much what they said! Simply amazing.
xx, Micol

susana said...

Wonderdful pictures!
nice colours!

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