Twelve Thirty

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On Jen...

Top - Unknown / Shorts - Diesel / Wedges - Christian Louboutin / Purse - Thailand Find
Sunnies - 80's Purple / Jewelry - H&M and F21

Young girls are coming to the canyon,
And in the morning I can see them walking
I can no longer keep my blinds drawn,
And I can't keep myself from talking.

At first so strange to feel so friendly
To say good morning and really mean it
To feel these changes happening to me,
But not to notice till I feel it.
- Mamas & The Papas

Do you have a color where you just feel radiant in?
For me it is definitely red...
so why not have it be my go to color for summer!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday weekend!

xo J


Raspberry Jam said...

Love the shorts!

Beautiful photos!


Anonymous said...

I looooove that outfit!! Great combination :)

Anonymous said...

woow *_*

The Fancy Teacup said...

Such a cute retro look! Those high waist shorts are so flattering on you.
much love.

Zina said...

gosh i love your legz

Cara said...

Such a cute outfit, and perfect setting for the look! Great photos
xo Cara

ninda said...

wow you look so beautiful and gorgeous!! I love the top so much, and cute shoes :)

jadis said...

Muy bella ♥

K A T H L E E N said...

those shorts are perfect! great color

Unknown said...

Stunning photos, you look amazing. I love this entire look, it reminds me so much of a vintage pin up. Beautiful!


Kirstin Marie

Sarah said...

beautiful photos! your outfit is soo cute! xx

Unknown said...

Great red shorts! I like the high waisted trend - though I don't wear many shorts/pants in the style.
I don't know if there is a specific colour that makes me feel fab ... when i am wearing something that I like then I feel fab.

Emma said...

Hi there!
What a lovely blog you have here.. Great pictures and good inspiration!
Keep up the good work darling!
I really like your style.. This outfit is so nice. Very 'Lolita'..
Wanna be followers? Let me know :)

Love from Stockholm! xoxo

isis said...

congrats on the spanish moss lookbook. you are stunning.

Sian said...

You look beautiful, this outfit is gorgeous...I love your blog,definite follow!

Anonymous said...

So very odd... I am currently in Conversational French and I was looking up photos on Quebec street style and one of these pictures popped up. As usual you look gorgeous.

Your Only Black Swan said...

saw this look on Chictopia and fell in love. Then I recognised you recently modelled for Spanish Moss - what a serendipitous moment that i stumbled across your blog! LOVE IT! a new reader, will be stopping by regularly :)

x Lauren

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