Nothin' No

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On Jen...
All Clothing, Shoes & Accessories - Spanish Moss

I remember every word that you said
I'm much more flattered by the thoughts in your head
let me tell you baby
nothin' no
is gonna keep us apart

Gettin' high out on the front porch
with the sunshine in your hair
singin' songs about the weekend
oh, I'm feeling sad about your friends
-David Vandervelde

Here they are!!!
Some of the final selects from the Spanish Moss shoot I did shot by Andrew Kuykendall!
Hope you like!

xo Jen


The Fancy Teacup said...

You are such a demure kitten! What a beautiful shoot for Spanish Moss, and especially adore the kimonos.

pancakestacker said...

UMMM seriously, I loved every single one of these pics on the Spanish Moss blog! You are absolutely STUNNING and the styling here is fabulous.


Melanie (The Style Notebook) said...

This is AMAZING! You're so beautiful!!

If you follow me and comment saying you did and I'll follow you back! xoxo

Anonymous said...

The photos look amazing, and I absolutely LOVE the clothing. The glasses in the last photo are TCFS!

Blush and Flats said...

pretty amazing !

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! These photos are incredible! Thanks for sharing! Will they be in any magazines?

Unknown said...


Didem said...

gratz you loookso perfect

Sarah said...

Wow so gorgeous!!

Unknown said...

oh gosh, I dont think I have seen beauty like this before...its haunting

The Fashion Philosophy said...

All of these photographs are so beautiful! Love it!


Stunning shoots you are such a doll.xx

Nadine said...

These photos are beautiful and inspiring. LOVE!


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