Tell me in the Morning

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On Jen...
Dress - From LF / Heels - Prada

I know that you would like
like to change me
make me softer
tune your voice like a baby
I'm using caution
bet you wanted
I wish you could wait
to tell me in the morning

slow it down
slow it down
lay it low
save it for the morning
- Cold War Kids

Photos By: Patrick Hoelck

Its was a very sex night....
New hot spot The Beverly opened a week before hand to host a Victoria Secret party.
And yes most of the angels were there.
The champagne was flowing music blasting it was overall an amazing night and I was so excited to share it with no other then my new partner in crime Liz from Late Afternoon!
I was so thank full that the extremely talented Patrick Hoelck snapped some photos from this night so I can share a bit of that night with you!
Patrick currently has an exhibit running now called the POLAROID HOTEL
You must, must check out his work by clicking here
You will not only see amazing Polaroids but probably some familiar faces...

xo J


Raspberry Jam said...

Coool photos!

Love the dress!


Aina said...

I LOOOOVE candid shots! So great!

Keep up the great work!



niknok said...

amazing photos!!!!

The Fancy Teacup said...

What a fun and decadent night, love it! And your peplum LF dress is remarkable.
much love.

Pranita Kocharekar said...

So much fun! :D :)

GoGo said...

Nice pics. Love them :))

Annie said...

Your dress is so insane! I'm totally in love with it!

Michelle at Chellbellz said...

Oh wow! That looks so fun. I hate living here sometimes, I have no cool friends that want to just let loose and enjoy some music sometimes. All of the shoes are so cute!

yamina beyondURclothes said...


♥ yamina

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

these photos are SO fun. it's too bad I don't live in LA.. I feel like you'd be the best drinking partner. x

Amber said...

These photos are awesome! Looks like so much fun :)

Nastassja said...

this dress is stunning!

xoxo from france

Unknown said...

looks like youve been having fun xx

Mary said...

great photos and style! Really;)

Jennifer Humphrey said...

Aww! Thank you everyone for the inspiring comments, I agree I was lucky enough to snag that dress from LF! Devorlebeaumonstre, you are too funny, thank you! Michelle, I always try and make my own fun =)

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