The Ocean


Jacket - Nasty Gal / Top - LF / Jeans - RVCA / Boots - Steve Madden / Jewelry - F21

Singing in the sunshine, laughing in the rain,
Hitting on the moonshine, rocking in the brain
Got no time to pack my bag, my foots outside the door.
Got a date, can't be late for the high hopes hailla ball.

Singing to an ocean, I can hear the ocean's roar.
Play for free, play for me and play a whole lot more.
Singing about the good things and the sun that lights the day.
I used to sing on the mountains, has the ocean lost its way.
- Led Zeppelin

I am obsessed with this shag jacket!!
I love the colors in it, it makes it easy to pair with pretty much anything.
The shag gives any outfit a nice rock n roll vibe...



The Fancy Teacup said...

Goodness, that ombre mink coat is ultra fabulous!

Kristel Louisa said...

These pictures are truly amazing. It's like they're out from a magazine! You look perfectly amazing. Absolutely adore your style!

en la moda

Superblondeep said...

wow! I´m in love of your jean!! I love Rvca, I have Rvca´s t-shirts...<3<3<3

Cátia said...

so gorgeous*

Anonymous said...

I love this outfit. The boots paired with the jacket is just amazing.

Lia said...

i love the color of your shoes! they go so well with the more mellow and muted colored outft!

Glass of Fashion

SAMANTHA said...

you look amazing, i love each piece you're wearing! amazing color shoes and the funky jeans are perfect. first time on your blog - following!

The Key To Chic said...

I'm obsessed with the shag texture, too. Looks so soft and cozy! Love your jeans, too.

Nathalie said...

Love your boots! The color is so great.

Chronicles of the Fashion Cupboard said...



Unknown said...

I love the color of your booties!

Auroshka said...

Just adore it!!!!!
love ur blog too

Zorian said...

Nice feeling.

Yuka said...

OMG. i'm in love with the jacket. ♥

Amanda said...

Oh wow I love your style!

Anonymous said...

so suave
Lovely and fairly
and the color not Worst its ok
So just like in the veiny doing
that like Match to Save
just come miss away
and it resembles the way maybe

Debora said...

Love this picts and your jeans!

Maria said...

Wow stunning pictures! You are so pretty and your style is great.
Hope we can follow each other :)

sarah said...

incredible boots! steve madden is really stepping it up recently. awesome outfit, love your blog :)

ginswardrobe said...

I love that jacket!! It looks very comfy! I'm a new blogger please follow my blog!

AMY said...

OMG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!! where did you get the jeans??? I am located in Studio City. where can i find them in the store? ALSO what color lipstick and brand are you wearing?

Unknown said...

Love the boots! perfect plum color! Great outfit!

Ta-taa for now,

Fabiola said...


Miss_Priss_101 said...

I love your entire outfit! :) I'm giving away a necklace on my blog! :)

Unknown said...

Those jeans are solid and the jacket is pretty extraordinary. Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

great shots, where was this shot at? thanks!

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