Goodnight Bad Morning


On Jen...
Tunic Dress - Vintage / Shorts - DIY / Boots - JC / Ring - F21

Steam's working, I see it in everyone
Like a lost idea under a light bulb sun
Your eyes, ready for takeoff, melt in your head
What a beautiful state we're in

Jailers in mind are all dead
I love you so much, never forget
Our love, our secrets, coming undone
What a beautiful state we're in

Goodnight, another bad morning
- The Kills

I love the whimsical flowy look this tunic has...
When it's as hot as it has been you crave pieces like this where you can feel the breeze go through it and touch your skin...
I like pairing it with the Litas to keep the look a bit tough and not to pretty.

AND congrats to Ashley Yano for winning the Leyendecker giveaway!



Jade said...

love the top, super cute blog!

<3 eccentric daydream

kaitlyntru said...

kills have the best damn lyrics... & the prairie top has so much flow, I love it!

Unknown said...

i love your poses! definitely model material.
you're an inspiration for the poses I do on my blog! haha i try

KINGA said...

you look amazing! xoxo,Kinga.


you're so beautiful you should be a photomodel! I adore your looks, you rock!


Plami said...

I absolutely love this tunic dress! It's gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

such a lovely look
cute blog-please take a look at mine xxx

ninda said...

you always look sexy, Jen!

Anonymous said...

you look gorgeous no matter what and this top is toooo damn cute but your poses are way too exaggerated sometimes. it bugs my eyes because you are so pretty.

Gosia said...

This tunic is incredible! You look beautiful!

Sarah said...

you look gorgeous! amazing outfit post! xx

Unknown said...

Gorgeous vintage tunic!

Natalia said...

Oh, I love your blog and all the things you post on it!
I'll follow you right now!
I hope you will follow me too.

Buky said...

Lovely top sweetie.

010 said...

love it

Unknown said...

Pretty <3 I have a similar one in turquoise =)

Angelina said...

What a lovely Tunic dress!

Unknown said...


Michelle Lee said...

beautiful tunic

Izzy said...

Love the shoes and tunic-such a great combo! I've got a giveaway going on at the moment, it would be great if you'd like to visit back! Izzy xo

Unknown said...

You are " too much " beautiful !

Anonymous said...

those JC heels aren't the pebbled black color are they? They have the red heel. I can't find them anywhere..

viagra online said...

It's curious, you look awesome with that golden dress, nice choice!

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