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On Jen...
Lace Dress & Bustier - Vintage / Shorts - DIY / Sandals - Chloe

Photos By: Delabarracuda

Love is in the water - love is in the air
Show me where to look - tell me will love be there?
Teach me how to speak - teach me how to share
Teach me where to go - tell me will love be there?

Oh - Heaven, let your light shine down
Oh - Heaven, let your light shine down
Oh - Heaven, let your light shine down
Oh - Heaven, let your light shine down
- Collective Soul

I was in the mood for lace, flowy fabrics and a little leg....
Wearing this button dress the un traditional way by buttoning just the top
and keeping the rest open gives it more of a flirty feel.
Then topping it off with denim cut offs keeps the whole outfit fresh and new!

xo Jen


leonie said...

love how youve layered the lace over the cutoffs...feminine and edgy...good work bella

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Anonymous said...

Really cool outfit!!! I just love your syle.... your blog is amazing :) I´m now following...

Unknown said...

wow LOVE the lace dress. Its gorgeous!

love from San Francisco,


Cara said...

You are absolutely stunning...I love that lace dress, these photos are amazing! Love Love Love
xo Cara

Aina said...

Love these shots! So amazing!
Who is your photographer?


christina said...

sooooooo beautiful... im jealous :PP its a pity the dress is vintage and i cannot find the same :)
i love your blog, im following!

Unknown said...

This is absolutely gorgeous!! I love all of your pictures, they are stunning. I'm so glad I found you over on Chictopia. Definitely following. This look is one of my favorites.


Kirstin Marie

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

girlfrand this outfit is beyond perfect. I love the lace & flowy-ness paired with the cut-offs. you're so effing pretty. x

我想我是一個質數 said...

LOVE this all white up look, and the lace dress is amazing.

Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

Beautiful look! x

Elyse E said...

I love your style and your blog :) Keep doing your fantastic work!

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