Are you gonna be my Girl

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On Jen...
Sweater - LF / Top - City of Dolls / Pants - Kova & T / Boots - Alexander Wang
Belt - Vintage / Headband - DIY / Necklace - One Grey Day

Photos By: Delabarracuda

I said 1, 2, 3 take my hand and come with me
Because you look so fine that I really want to make you mine
I said you look so fine that I really want to make you mine
Oh, 4, 5, 6 c'mon and you get your kicks
Now you don't need that money when you look like that, do ya honey?

Big black boots
Long brown hair
She's so sweet
With her get back stare

Well I could see
you home with me
But you were with another man
I know we ain't got much to say
Before I let you get away
I said, "Are you gonna be my girl?"
- Jet

The weather has been so wishy washy that layers are a must!
I forgot about these leggings, I use to wear them all the time, I love them!
They add the instant edge I go to for in any outfit....

xo J


GretchTM said...

Awesome pictures! Beautiful outfit! I like your post title. I was just singing that on karaoke the other day. haha

Nicole said...

Totally loving that headpiece.


Kasia15 said...

Your style is great! I love it.! Cute blog.
I follow you ;8
Kisses ;)

leonie said...

i fkin LOVE this whole outfit!!

**btw I have a BRASHYxMONSTRE XI GIVEAWAY (Blog Entry #59) on at the moment so do pop by to see if you win an awesome tee**


Kathleen said...

i seriously LOVE your style girl!! def so inspiring. am def now following you on here and blog lovin'. this outfit is soo chic! i love your boots and the leather, so fierce and classy ;).

<3, Kathleen.


I love your blog the way you style your clothes and dress is very edgy and i love this post i want that studded head band!!

please feel free to check out my blog....
Thank you

Unknown said...

Tu es trop belle !

Blunettes said...

beautiful pictures! X

Anonymous said...

the headband!!! ahh want!

Camille, The Dewey Decimals said...

I love your style! I've been scrolling through so many of your posts and I'm filled with so much envy and awe. Your style screams fierce, whimsical, delicate and forcefully evocative. I love it all!!


Tinu said...

Love the outfit!
uber fierce....

thefashiondyad said...

we love the DIY-ed headband and of course the A Wang boots....we've been lusting over those for awhile now!

Superblondeep said...

hola! I love your blog! I follow you....follow me back please. would be an honor. :)kisses

Anonymous said...

I'm going gaga for this look!

- xx Q

Lena said...

So rock !

Buky said...

That outfit is too awesome!
I love it :D
Thanks for the Inspiration :D

generic viagra news said...

You are the best model in this world Jeniffer! Why vogue don't hire you right now?

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