She's a Rainbow

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On Jen...
Top - Vintage / Skirt - AA / Mary Janes - Marc Jacobs

Photos By: Creative Smiles

She comes in colors everywhere
She combs her hair
She's like a rainbow
Coming, colors in the air
Oh, everywhere
She comes in colors

Have you seen her dressed in blue?
See the sky in front
And her face is like a sail
Speck of white so fair and pale
Have you seen a lady fairer?
- Rolling Stones

I recently shot with this awesome photographer Russ at Creative Smiles,
He had this beautiful location in mind with all the flowers blossoming....
I was so happy that this outfit with the pale colors played so well with the flowers.
Spring is fun and lets you play with a softer color palette and a bit of ruffles or frill....
The shoes of course are my favorite part!
Hot Pink Sequins, Yes Please!
Hope you are all having a good week!

xo J


PKelly's Site said...

this is so pretty!!! love the skirt!! :)

Unknown said...

Great heels.

Cara said...

Such a beautiful skirt! Love this fun photo shoot ;)
xo Cara

Unknown said...

romantic and chic ! so adorable !

Unknown said...

gosh so dreamy and nostalgic

Viv said...

i adore these photos.. your hair is gorgeously styled

Charlotte Beecham said...

I love your blog. Your style and vibe are great, really edgy and fresh. Check mine out at

Follow back if you like it. id appreciate the support!

Kitschmoog said...

Gorgeous !!!

Anonymous said...

The shoes are amazing! You look like a cute balerina! So sweet!!!

. said...

so pretty pictures !!

Federico Panarello said...

OMG!!!Adorable shooting!!!


stephanie said...

love those shoes!

Style With K said...

the photos and the outfit are amazing! i love it!
Are we following each other?? i always follow back and i love to meet new bloggers and the feedback!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

GretchTM said...

These photos are just lovely! Nice session! I'm now following. :)

Ina said...

lovely pictures <3

MC said...

your shoes remind me of Dorothy's Ruby Red Slippers! love them!
x mc

christina said...

you look like a doll :)))
xoxo from athens, greece

Kristina Pellien said...

This look is adorable! It's very Harajuku Lovers. Also, I wish my hair was long enough to do that.


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