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On Jen...
Top - Handmade from Thailand / Jeans - JBrand / Blazer - Target
Shoes - JC

You don't have to be rich
to be my girl
You don't have to be cool
To rule my world
Ain't particular sign I'm more compatible with
I just want our extra time and your..... Kiss
- Prince

So this was my last night in Rio which was a BLAST!
We had the most amazing traditional Brazilian dinner which was like a seafood stew on top of rice and of course my FAV.... dessert!
I also hit up a night market which had a bunch of cute jewelry and dresses.
I was a bit overwhelmed so I only purchased a few souvenirs.
After that we hit up my first club in Brazil and well.....
the energy is most definitely different then what I'm use to!
I finally got the hang of it when I arrived to Sao Paulo though...

xo J


Anonymous said...

hey there, ur great....
am from mongolia (asian)
if its possible we can be a friends
mail me beautiful

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