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Trousers & Body Suit - AA / Boots - Zara

Awake on my airplane 
Awake on my airplane 
My skin is bare 
My skin is theirs 
Awake on my airplane 
Awake on my airplane 
My skin is bare 
My skin is theirs 

I feel like newborn 
And I feel like a newborn 
Awake on my airplane 
Awake on my airplane 
I feel so real 

Could you take my picture 
Cause I won't remember 
Could you take my picture 
Cause I won't remember 
Could you take my picture 
Cause I won't remember 
Could you take my picture 
Cause I won't remember - yeah
- Filter 

So one of things I noticed during my time in Paris,
was the amount of trousers every boutique was selling.
I instantly fell in love with the look of them... I mean I've always been a fan of the Annie Hall style!
How could you not?! Diane Keaton looked effortlessly cool in that movie!
I of course snatched a couple pairs while I was there but I grabbed this pair at American Apparel.
What I like about these ones is that that they are high waisted compared to my others which are more of a standard trouser.
Hope you like and I apologize for my brief moment of hiatus...
I'm back now, so get ready!



Ava Tallulah said...

Those trousers are amazing!

Anonymous said...

super look and pictures ... yes ok, I do take one for my Glances ;)

Constance said...

You look so gorgeous!!!


Sophie said...

You can tell you model! You look gorgeous. Sophie x


Annie Chang said...

lovely captures!


Jennifer said...

Amazing photos Jen! You are a stunner!

xo Jennifer


G Tauberge said...

yessss, so Diane Keaton! Effortlessly styled just like toutes les françaises :]

Alexandra said...

simple,sexy but not cheap,love this look!

ShopGoldie said...

Love these pants. Beetlejuice ala 2012.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous!! I love this whole outfit, simply chic:) And you are such an amazing model.

Nikki said...

love this outfit! and great blog, I'm following you x

Unknown said...

really great outfit!kisses from Italy

tse parfait said...

you really know how to pose! so fierce!!


Kristel Louisa said...

Your hair is amazing. Love your poses!


Anonymous said...

love this photos. :)
Irene Wibowo

Julie Smith said...

Great pictures!


Anonymous said...

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Sofia - As We Travel said...

That is one chunky camera, haha! Cool photos, and I like the outfit ;)

Olive said...

I have trousers just like this! Love how you've put this together!!


Unknown said...


Jaxson corey said...

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Thanks for the post, Kyra, and best of luck with Strength Carrie -- I've been hearing great things about it.
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