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All Clothes: Threadsence

I bet you'll hear my whistle blowing when my train rolls in
It goes (whistle) like dust in the wind
Stoned pimp, stoned freak, stoned out of my mind
I once was lost, but now I'm just blind
Palm trees and weeds, scabbed knees and rice
Get a map to the stars, find Heidi Fleiss
And if the price is right I'm gonna make my bid boy
And let Cali-for-ny-aye know why they call me

Cowboy baby
With the top let back and the sunshine shining
Cowboy baby
West coast chilling with the Boone's Wine
I wanna be a Cowboy baby
Riding at night cause I sleep all day
Cowboy baby
I can smell a pig from a mile away
- Kid Rock

Here is my latest and greatest shoot I did for Threadsence!
It was so fun to play dress for Fall event though I can not even start layering yet....
Soon though, just not soon enough!
I love how they styled this shoot, 
a little bit country, a little bit rock n roll gypsy!
If you are already buying fall like I am then this pics could be some cool inspiration on a fresh way to layer!



Jennifer said...

I've been lusting over this lookbook since it was released!

xo Jennifer

lucia m said...

loving the lookbook!



Melanie Pangilinan said...

I love everything about this! The clothes and the set! =) So pretty!

Melanie // Aetherlily

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love layering! It's definitely the best part about the cooler seasons :)

The set is absolutely gorgeous and the accessories are definitely attention worthy!

Constance said...

It;s such an amazing shoot! I love their clothes!

Nikki said...

absolutely love it!

Love Elizabeth Joy said...

Love, love, love the boots!

<3 Liz @

Unknown said...

you're so beautiful :)

Julie Smith said...

Amazing! Love it!

Unknown said...

Oh love love love... and just such a big Threadsence fan!
These pics are stunning
Tobruckave Blog

Melissa said...

I love these pictures! You look gorgeous, as always. And I really love all of these clothes.

<3 Melissa

Ola Ci said...

every threadsence shoot is so special! loving the setting, the clothes.. and you look lovely of course :)


. said...

WOW! Everything you do with threadsense is so ridiculously inspiring! <3

Unknown said...

Uhh GORGEOUS!! I love your style going on here and the backdrop.

xo the garage gypsy

ps. i just posted a lookbook video that you should check out if you have a moment :))

Emily Jane said...

Love these pictures! :)

Intricately Disheveled said...

These are amazing! Every pattern in these looks makes me pine for the Northwest coast.


lick burger said...

Perfect and beautiful!!
following you now ;)

Wengie said...

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thank you.

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