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Skirt - Friend of Mine / Tank - BM / Choker & Rings - Vanessa Mooney / Boots - JC

After all the time
After you
Had you seen me with someone new
Hanging so high for your return
But the stillness is a burn

Had I seen it in your eyes
There'd have been no try after try
Your leaving had no goodbye
Had I just seen one in your eyes

I can't give it up
To someone elses touch
Because I care too much
- The XX

Simple does it...
Just a little black and white but with great silhouettes!
This skirt by Friend of Mine clearly kills all other back skirts out there.
I  look forward to wearing it this fall with chunky sweaters.



colibri esverdeado said...

Always divine :)

lucia m said...

loving the skirt!



Annie Chang said...



Lauren Paul said...

those boots! and love the deftones on your blog, a favorite.

Δ lauren gabrielle

Jennifer said...

Jen, you get me every time. Stunning!

xo Jennifer

Jennifer's Life said...

Love it girl !!

Always beautiful

With Love ♥ Jenni

Jackie said...

I'm totally digging this look! You look phenomenal Jen!! :)


Unknown said...

beautiful..... <3

Unknown said...

These pictures are amazing!
Xoxo, Peppi

Sophie said...

Beautiful booties. Sophie x


Constance said...

You look gorgeous as always!

bel los said...

estas preciosa¡¡ me encanta el look y las fotos¡
genial¡¡¡¡¡¡ :-)

sigueme ¡¡ te sigo¡¡¡ :_)


James(and)AnneMarie said...

i love the cutouts in the skirt!

parfums said...

looking so beautiful i like it . so nice .
Parfum pas cher

Anonymous said...

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Julie said...

beautiful pictures and great outfit!! xo j.

Austė said...

Amazing :))

Anne said...

Great post! You post such nice things always :)
Would you maybe like to follow each other?
Love, Anne

Unknown said...

i like it !!!You look stunningly beautiful and stylish!!!stylish foto!..

Unknown said...

So beautiful ! I love you ! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Jane said...


Sofia - As We Travel said...

Love it, sexy but full of confidence.

Stephanie Hjelmeseth said...

Totally rocked the double slit with amazing photography!

xx Steph

Jana said...

the outfit is so cool!

Unknown said...

Amazing blog! awesome photos!
love your blog dear, how would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and GFC?

Avianti Jewelry said...

LOVE THE SKIRT! the outfit is very cute/ sexy!

Intricately Disheveled said...

That belt is serious. <3


K.C said...

Such a cool outfit; amazing photos too! and I love your playlist :)

Geraldine and Charlotte said...

Adore this outfit! x Charlotte

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