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Top & Jeans- Urban Outfitters / Boots - Dr Marten / Hat - Threadsence / Cuff - Derek Jaymes

You're so sweet, you're so fine
I want you all and ev'rything just to be mine
'Cos you're my baby, 'cos you're my love
Oh girl I'm just a jeepster for your love

You slide so good with bones so fair
You've got the universe reclining in your hair
'Cos you're my baby, yes you're my love
Oh girl I'm just a jeepster for your love
- T Rex

I love how fun this outfit is and how you can literally run around town being completely comfortable!
I couldn't believe Urban Outfitters had the pants in my size still and on sale...
They are going to be so fun to play with.
You can mix and match prints, add graphic tees or boxy crop tops!



Emma said...

Love your floppy hat! It looks so sunny where you are, you're lucky! xxx

Zorian said...

Great photos. Love the pants.

Mexiquer said...

Fun outfit and really beautiful photos. I love the light!

adireg said...

nice outfit really love this posted and happy new year

Jenna Hughes said...

i am in love with the rose printed jeans and nice docs

Hannah Harvey said...

Beautiful photos, love the hat.

Angela DiGiacinto said...

love the printed jeans and rocker tee!

xx A

SAMANTHA said...

Love your jeans !

Unknown said...

hey baby babe its brookybrook
te amo!
andddd i love marc bolan too!

Anonymous said...

it auto keyboard coos on word down there maybe really that i hop good
very conservative and austere
i just dont want anybody go wrong on just that joke

MateaTPol said...

beautifull pictures, an boots :)

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