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Dress - Threadsence / Boots - Dolce Vita / Purse - Shoe Dazzle

Hey Blackberry, How you taste so sweet
Hey Blackberry, tell me what you see
Tell me is it interesting
Hey Blackberry pay some attention to me
Hey Blueberry look at my bumblebee
Hey Blueberry you know he never stings
And he only hums for me

I need some L-O-V-E-N to make me happy
You got to be L-you-see-K-why to git
With a girl like Blackberry

Hey my cherry,coming up my street
Hey my cherry, you make it hard to breath
Look what you've done to me
Hey my cherry, be sure to keep your nose clean
- Black Crowes

Sometimes less is more and that is what I love about this outfit!
I have the not so basic black dress on paired it with a brown motorcycle type boot....
It helps keep the dress casual and easy to wear!



Plami said...

Stunning as always! You're so sexy!


allie loch said...

you're so pretty! love the dress.

Unknown said...

love the lace dress! so cute!

love from San Francisco,

Emma said...

Gorgeous dress, i love the turquoise ring too x

Emanuela said...

Gorgeous, love lace!!!

xo Emma


amazing dress!

with love,
if you have free time, please take a look at my ROMWE GIVEAWAY! I'll wait for you. !

SAMANTHA said...

perfect! I want that dresss !

박에리 said...

amazing! loving this outfit!

Selena said...

glad i found you. love this dress! beautiful xxx


Zorian said...

Love the dress. Great photos.

Kristen Lam said...

You look great :) Awesome styling.

Jenna Hughes said...

gothic beauty!

kaitlyntru said...

I really just love your bangs. I tried them once & it was a train wreck. SO that makes me dig you even more. <3

Anonymous said...

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It all about go Relationship in the heart with a' moments in yours

Unknown said...

Love this dress and you're right about "less is more". Featuring you tomorrow on the site! xx

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. How did you get this amazing? I am in love with your dress, necklace and bag! You are so ridiculously gorgeous, too. Are you a model? Anyways, I am a follower now! Thanks for the inspiration.

Unknown said...

Great dress for any occasion! I have a very similar one from H&M and it's so easy to wear :-)

Isabel x

"I" is for Isabel

Samatha @ pearl button sport jacket said...

I'm wondering where to buy that kind of lace dress right now. It might be a perfect match for my newly bought shoes!

Anonymous said...

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must love i swear
its a. old back ground rage
my intention to completely reverse translation wrong.
feel really sad for it

Anonymous said...

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