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Sweater - Vintage / Sheer Blouse - Again / Slip - H&M / Boots - Alexander Wang  
Necklace - Vanessa Mooney

Thinking back, thinking of you
Summertime, think it was June
Yeah, think it was June

Laying back, head on the grass
Chewing gum, having some laughs
Yeah, having some laughs

You made me feel like the one
You made me feel like the one, the one
You made me feel like the one
You made me feel like the one, the one

- Stereophonics

Happy Wednesday....



Lia said...

i love the shirt tail poking out!

Glass of Fashion

NauticalWheeler said...

How fabulous are those shoes?!!! LOVE them!

From Brooklyn with love,


niknok said...

this look's amazing! love everything especially the shoes! xx

The Niknok Style

Anonymous said...

Love the look! I like every item!

Greetings from http://marimorena.wordpress.com

Jenna Hughes said...

obsessed with this outfit! those two fabrics looks fabulous with each other!


relish said...

so pretty... love that tawny brown with the black!


Mexiquer said...

beautiful, what can I say? eheh :)
Love the combination you make between your posts and musics, such an inspiration!*


pancakestacker said...

omg loveeee this! you always have the best photos!


SAMANTHA said...

those Wang boots are AMAZING. and i love the vintage sweater... awesome look.


Kristen Lam said...

You really are a model! This is such a gorgeous, effortless outfit. I love it. You could do anything in it!


Gosia said...

Fantastic outfit!

missdanbee said...

great outfit. love that sweater..the color is amazing.


decimal shoes said...

pretty :D
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Unknown said...

looking at your blog, I have one thing to say, you are amazing!
nice profile on chictopia, that's where I found out about you.
xo DIa!

Akiko said...

Gorgeous look and you have such a great style. I'm your new follower :) xo akiko
Style Imported

Kristel Louisa said...

I absolutely love this look. You look gorgeous in brown. Your style has always blown me away!


en la moda

Jennifer Humphrey said...

Seriously, thank you all for your amazing comments!

kaitlyntru said...

This outfit is amazing. That sweater layered is awesome & obviously would kill for those boots.

Zorian said...

Love the outfit. Great photos.

Andrea Clare said...

I am so drawn to anything in this rusty colour


Unknown said...

Love this look! It looks fo comfortable and chic!


martha said...

I love those shoes! you have an amazing aesthetic! Too bad you have a music player on your blog that keeps interfering with my winamp :(

viagra online said...

Thats what I call style! please post more sets like this one! I love it so bad

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