If the World

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1st photo - Top & Shorts - Vintage / 2nd photo - Top - UO
3rd photo - Robe, Bra & Panty - Kiki De Montparnasse / Heels - Jimmy Choo for H&M
4th photo - Bustier - Vintage / Shorts - DIY / Shoes - Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony

If the world would end today
Then all the dreams we had would all just drift away
You know there's nothing more to say
If the world would end and our love slipped away

I never knew the way that you look at me
Would ever mean so much to me
But in my heart I found the feelings that I've never shown
And now they've got the best of me

 - Guns n' Roses 

Recently my bf and I had one of our friends and amazing photographer Brandon Harman
shoot us at our place, with amaze friend and make up artist Ashley Kusich.
These are just a couple of my favorites I thought I would share with you all!
I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!



Hooked on Shoes said...

I bet you get told this a lot, but your bf really looks like Johnny Depp! Lucky you! The shoot is beautiful btw, I really love that black bustier.

Aleen said...

Wow, love these images. Your hair and makeup look beautiful x

Lousine Adelia

Kristel Louisa said...

These pictures are super awesome. I love these looks!


en la moda


why you are so beautiful?I'm jealous!

with love,
your opinion is VERY important for me!http://chocarome.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Why are you stepping on an American flag.. it shouldn't be on the ground..

Zorian said...

Beautiful Photos.

Beauty_is_an_attitude said...

I love this shooting, really cool

greetings from Spain

Zuzankita said...

omg! I am totally in love with these photos!


growyoung said...

woow so coooool :)

SAMANTHA said...

you are SO SO beautiful.


Mia M. said...




Tea Joeli said...

Great blog and pics:)
Kisses from New York:)

apocalypstick said...

I would love to use one of these photos on my blog with credit of course!! Let me know if that's okay. We think you're fantastic.

Unknown said...

you look gorgeous!

Pranita Kocharekar said...

Both of you are so fucking gorgeous. :D

silvia said...

girl, you are a very beauty and these shot with your bf is pure joy for eyes... for men and for women!!!!!!!!!

kaitlyntru said...

I'm just going to go ahead & vote yall edgiest-sexiest couple of a year. Because that is a genre.

Kairi Kuuskmann said...

O wow, is that Johnny Depp, great styling of the photos and you look very beautiful!


Forever Fashionably Late said...

omg these are ridiculously hot!! love every single part of each shot.. you are so gorgeous!!

Forever Fashionably Late

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