Sister Golden Hair


On Jen...
Blouse - LF Stores / Skirt - Opening Ceremony / Shoes - JS / Sunnies - Dita

Well, I keep on thinkin' 'bout you
Sister golden hair surprise
And I can't live without you
Can't you see it in my eyes?

Now I been one poor corespondent
And I been too, too hard to find
But it doesn't on mean
You ain't been on my find

Will you meet me in the middle
Will you meet me in the air?
Will you love me just a little
Just enough to show care?
- America

I fell in love love love with this skirt at Opening Ceremony,
then I saw that it was on sale and I was sold!
The best part about this skirt is that they have an attached pair of shorts so I don't need to worry about what to layer underneath!



Anh said...
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Anh said...

love the color & transparency of your blouse and also your shoes *-*
beautiful images, my favorite is the one in the second row on the left

Gosia said...

This skirt is amazing, lovely outfit

Zoƫ Kate said...

I love everything about these photos! The skirt is AMAZING, and I love that blouse and the light is just beautiful!


Angela DiGiacinto said...

that skirt is awesome!! beautiful photos!

xx Ang

Sarah said...

Love this outfit! x

Honey Amira Lee said...

are you kidding me?
you are so adorable and sexy!!!!


Sandra said...

Love that look of the eyes in the photo where you are looking over your shoulder, stunning :)

Stop by -

Ashley said...

Love the entire outfit of course, but the skirt and sunnies are my faves. Lovelovelove the skirt, can't say it enough. Opening Ceremony has the best stuff.


Ola Ci said...

love these photos...lovely light! you have a good photographer generally :) xo Ola

cg said...

Wow you are a reall beauty! xx - Please take a glance!

ninda said...

beautiful photos!!
I really love the skirt, so pretty! and love the top, you're so pretty :)

Anonymous said...

YOU are fabulous....shall we follow each other? x

Superblondeep said...

love love love this shirt ;)

Vantage Point Vintage said...

Gorgeous outfit, I love the skirt & shoes!


cheap shutters Atlanta said...

You are style conscious...that shows in the outfit you are in...loved those shoes.

Unknown said...

That sheer against the sun makes me wanna steal or buy that blouse from you. ;)

NailPolishTime said...

Hi J,
WOW your photographs are so beautiful. I really love the natural lighting. Your white skirt is gorgeous.


Magda said...

great shoes:)

YX said...

Good style. Bad girl
Love it


Anonymous said...

Hi! Do you do anything to your bangs? I have blunt bangs too but mine don't look anywhere as nice as yours!

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