Gold Dust Woman


On Jen...
Dress -  c/o The Scarlett Room / Shoe - JC / Headband - DIY

Rock on, gold dust woman
Take your silver spoon, dig your grave
Heartless challenge
Pick your path and I'll pray

Wake up in the mornin'
See your sunrise, loves go down
Lousy lovers pick their prey
But they never cry out loud, cry out 

Ooh, did she make you cry, make you break down
Shatter your illusions of love?
And is it over now, do you know how?
Pick up the pieces and go home
- Fleetwood Mac

I love this dress!
I love that it is white and flowy, it makes me feel very summer of love!
Every girl should own a pretty white dress like this.....

xo J


Kristel Louisa said...

You are extremely stunning. You look like a Greek goddess in that beautiful, lovely dress. Perfection.

en la moda

Sarah Swell Jewelry said...

Oh Stevie, how I love you. Jen, you look ethereal-beautiful! I would wear this to my gypsy wedding someday.

heatherheartsfashion said...

so beautiful! love the dress

Anonymous said...

wow *_*

Plami said...

Beautiful post! I love this dress!

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LisasRuby said...

This dress is so stunning!! The photos are perfect!!


Nikki said...

Beautiful pictures and love the dress! Nice blog!

Deja Vu - The Blog said...

Bella!! Lovely dress.


Kitschmoog said...

For ever in love with your excellent blog ! I hope you have nice holidays ! XOXO

Unknown said...

beautiful dress!

Michelle Lee said...

lovely dress

ninda said...

beautiful photos! you look so pretty jen! :)
I really love your dress, so gorgeous! :D

The Key To Chic said...

Love these photos. I have the Foxys in flag print, but I love the El Carmens just as much. They go great with the white dress!

Julia said...

Just saw your blog! I'm so happy I found it, it is adorable! That white dress is wonderful! Check out mine sometime!

generic viagra news said...

You look like an angel in that wonderful dress! keep on working Jeniffer!

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