Styled By - Wild at Heart

you know that i try
try to tell you the truth
oh baby don't make me lie
you should be picking me up
instead you're dragging me down
now i'm missing you more
cause baby you're not around
now that you're not around
- Brian Jones Massacre

Last week Kelley from Wild at Heart and I ran around her neighborhood taking photos...
This was one of my favorite outfits, the others are rad too!
So this weekend I will be looking thru them and posting the finals next week!
I can't wait to show you! We had such a great time, I absolutely love her!

Have a great weekend!



Tinacious.Me said...

Love this look!


Ola Ci said...

love the style of this pic! so excited to see the rest!:) -xo Ola

Jenna Hughes said...

sweet hat!

helena FIdalgo said...

this is crazy great!! keep it up... very inspirational!


Celebrity said...

Nice One!!

cs0jk said...

Love the trousers X

CULT style

Yasemin said...

Ohhh Great... :)

Unknown said...

Really cool..I'm a huge fan of pants with suspenders!!

Anonymous said...

such an honest pose.

Ria said...

Such a pretty photo.

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