Adventures Of Raindance Maggie

 photo AGOGOIMG_3176a_zpsd286d2d7.jpg  photo AGOGOIMG_3146a_zpse93882b7.jpg  photo AGOGOIMG_3165a_zpse984e183.jpg  photo AGOGOIMG_3187a_zps49ce2ceb.jpg  photo AGOGOIMG_3198a_zps18087f7a.jpg  photo AGOGOIMG_3214a_zps3d3a13eb.jpg

Dress - SCF / Boots - FOM / Hat - Free People / Bracelets - Vanessa Mooney

Lip stick junkie
Debunked the only one
She came back wearing a smile
Lookin' like someone drugged me
They wanted to unplug me
No one here is on trial
It's just a turnaround
And we go, oh
Well then we go uh huh oh

Tick tock I want to rock you
Like the eighties
Cock blocking isn't allowed
Tugboat Sheila is into memorabilia
Who said three is a crowd?
We better get it on the go

Hey now
We've got to make it rain somehow
She told me to
And showed me what to do
Our Maggie makes it in a cloud

I said hey now
We've got to make it rain somehow
She told me to
And showed me what to do
She knows how to make it loud

Rain dance Maggie
Advances to the final
Who knew that she had the goods?
Little did I know
Her body was warm
Delicious vinyl
To your neck of the woods
I want to lick a little bit

Hey now
We've got to make it rain somehow
She told me to
And showed me what to do
Our Maggie makes it in a cloud

We've got the wrong girl
But not for long girl
It's in the song girl
'Cause I'll be gone girl

Hey now
We've got to make it rain somehow
She told me to
And showed me what to do
Our Maggie makes it in a cloud

I said hey now
I want to rock this rowdy crowd
She told me to
And showed me what to do
She knows how to make it loud

But not for long girl
It's in the song girl
'Cause I'll be gone bye bye bye yeah
Bye bye bye girl

Bye bye girl
Bye bye girl
Bye bye



Tinacious Me said...

The perfect summer outfit! Love the hat!

Halie said...

That dress is stunning.

Tatiana and the Deathly Fashion said...

The dress is amazing, how perfect is this outfit as a whole for summer? LOVE

Kacie Cone said...

Wow those shoes are to die for!

Unknown said...

Great dress :))

XOXO Sandl

Tatiana Kurnosova said...

Beautiful and such a romantic look!


Michelle Lee said...

love thatdress!

Unknown said...

stunning dress
simple love that.
Cute music
follow me in my blog and subscribe no hesitate :)

Annie Chang said...



Unknown said...

quel beau shooting :)


Coline ♡

Unknown said...
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Dressed By S said...

This is such a cute dress
S xx

Vanessa said...

wow your blog is awesome!!!

watch out mine

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Anonymous said...

I like the minimal eye makeup. Beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous dress!

xo Jennifer

Keiko said...

Lovely dress❤❤❤

Krissy ~ style san san said...

I love love love those black boots! Adore!


Cute dress!

Unknown said...

cute dress, love your boots!

ro said...

que vestido tan bonito llevas!

Delilah D said...

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Pooja Mittal said...

Hey nice post
Would you like to follow each other.. !!!
Keep in touch

Fine cubic zirconia jewelry said...

wow... Beautiful Dress & Awesome Style. I really like it.

onesh0t said...

Love it !

YinGSaran said...

you looks amazing!
pretty dress

Unknown said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing!

Brittany, xx

Unknown said...

tão linda, adoro o vestido ♥
Um grande beijinho

Unknown said...

I love the dress. You look so pretty!

The New 1 said...

amazing outfit :) you have something similar with Ulyana Sergeenko :)) It is sweet :)))

check out my blog :) If you like it follow me
and I follow you back <333

Unknown said...

love your dress! and the hat :)


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Unknown said...

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Anas Khan said...

Lovely pictures.

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