Janie's Got a Gun

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Top - FOM / Cardigan - Chaser / Pants - Unif / Boots - Alexander Wang / Rings - Luv AJ

Dum, dum, dum, honey what have you done?
Dum, dum, dum it's the sound of my gun.
Dum, dum, dum, honey what have you done?
Dum, dum, dum it's the sound

Janie's got a gun
Janie's got a gun
Her whole world's come undone
From lookin' straight at the sun
What did her daddy do?
What did he put you through?
They said when Janie was arrested 
they found him underneath a train
But man, he had it comin' Now that Janie's got a gun 
she ain't never gonna be the same.

Janie's got a gun
Janie's got a gun
Her dog day's just begun
Now everybody is on the run
Tell me now it's untrue.
What did her daddy do?
He jacked a little bitty baby
The man has got to be insane
They say the spell that he was under the lightning and the 
thunder knew that someone had to stop the rain
- Aerosmith


K.C said...

I love Aerosmith! Love this awesome outfit, your boots are insanely cool.

Love and Ace said...

Gorgeous! Those pants were made for you! x, kat

Love and Ace

Jennifer said...

Great tee, amazing shoes!

xo Jennifer


Unknown said...

this is seriously PERFECT


Annie Chang said...

stunning boots!


Lauren Williams said...

Those pants are amazing, such a gorgeous look!


Unknown said...

That pants is fantastic and you are so beautiful


Coline ♡

G+V said...

dum dum dum, I rob it ;^)

Designer Leather jackets said...

I love this pant it's amazing ...i want to buy this for my gf ....

Unknown said...

love your heels!


Kacie Cone said...

Stunning as usual!

MAXCE said...

gorgeous shoes! I think the little blue stain on the front make it so unique! <3

Love, C├ęcile


Dressed By S said...

Love the pants
S xx

Unknown said...

Love everything about this gal :)


Love the pants!


ittehad lawn said...

You wear amazing rings!

Anonymous said...

the boots
the boots

AVY said...

Gorgeous, love the figure.

/ Avy

Unknown said...

@maxce couldn't agree more about those boots

Anonymous said...

The pants are not your friend.
Rest is great! But those pants.....no.

Am2Pm Chic said...

Those booties are killer.


Unknown said...

You look great. I love the shoes !!! :)
Best wishes from Poland

JKal said...

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Unknown said...

LOVING that knit sweater!
xoxo Emari

Shannon Valle said...

Those boots are so freakin' awesome!


Unknown said...

ohhh i love your outfitt andddd you blog in love!!!

mines a pretty new blog any chance you could possibly check mine out?


thankyou xxx

Unknown said...

wow amazing!!! can i get ur picture in my blog?! i need posting so i wanna u!! <3 thanks

Unknown said...

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Michelle Lee said...

love this outfit!


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